OS Pool Memory error

Well, I just bought this game along with CS:S 2 days ago. I started playing and messed around with it for a while and noticed a message (In the top right corner) that said something like “WARNING:OS Pool memory running low” And didn’t think much about it, because most games have little errors like that that don’t really matter.
And then as I played I realized that when i tried to spawn certain things (Mostly NPC`s and stuff) that Gmod would crash. So i slowly stayed away from those NPCs (Which basically only allowed me to spawn about 3 types of NPCs). Also, i had multiple other errors and crashes through-out the game, causing it to be difficult to play without crashing the computer/game.

When it crashes (if it doesn’t completely freeze) It says something like "OS Pool memory low, for a solution go to <Insert very long internet address that you can’t copy and paste>

Also, while the memory thing is low i experience alot of lag.

Then maybe about yesterday i played and realized the message wasn’t there… And so I experimented and I figured out that I could spawn NPC`s and do everything that I couldn’t do before without crashing the game! I also started to do some multiplayer because earlier that was glitching up too…

And of course, a few hours ago i got back on to play and The same stupid message came up. Now theres tons of lag again, but i can still spawn the NPCs that I couldn’t spawn the first time. I can’t join multiplayer sessions, it will load them and then as i join it crashes with the ‘OS Pool memory low’ error…

So now the game is difficult to play again… It’s hard to enjoy it and i can’t even play multiplayer either

Is there a solution to this besides ‘UPRGAED COMP00T3r NA0’ ?

Btw, remember i said i just bought the game so i only have like 1 or 2 mods installed so i’m pretty sure it doesn’t have to do with that :l And i have a decent computer that can run games like WoW and AoK3 and all the average games flawlessly

WoW is a 2003 game, Garrysmod is running on an engine from 2007. Three is no comparison. What are your specs?

AMD athlon 64 processor
2.00GHz, 1.00GB of RAM
Storage capacity is 144GB
and I have 35.8GB free space out of all of that. :l

I don’t know what my graphics card is.
But the problem i don’t think is with my computer because it gave me a steam link o.o

No, your processor is shit, and get more RAM.

Its your ram. Im low and have a similar problem. Upon starting a single player game I will get this error: ClrenderlistOverflow

I occasionally get the OS error but only if I spam a lot of props. Usually when I get it I have about ten seconds to save before gmod crashes to the computer main screen.
I think I have the same processor

How I solved my problem : Found out who made my graphics card, found the driver, installed it. Gmod worked fine after that. (I am talking about OS paged pool memory.)

Oh, and get 2 gigs of RAM or the game you bought was a waste.

I would but my motherboard sucks. (Completely rebuilding and replacing soon)

FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, just continue with what your doing.

Well it appears Gmod isn’t the only problem. After alot more problems occuring in the time that i last posted and now i’ve been having BSOD constantly after about 10 minutes into a application or just when i’m playing GMod and doing specific things.
I figured out that it now has something to do with my hardware (I’m not positive) And as you guys are saying apparantly my hardware is crappy too, so it makes sense.
The reason i’m getting BSOD is because my computer is overheating and that is also causing the random freezes and crashes as well. The reason my computer is overheating is due to a extremely irritating problem i was having before where if i logged off and then someone got on their account on the computer and then logged off and I got back on … The monitor would just go black. I couldn’t turn the monitor on again, but the actual computer was still running i could tell. I had to manually restart the computer every time that happened… So i resorted to people using only my account and never logging off <_<; And this is causing my computer to over heat. So I guess that is my problem now

Thanks for your help (meh, i’ll probably still need more help though :3)

Please refer to this post to solve your problem: