[OS X] I meet the requirements, yet the game freezes!

Hello FacePunch,
I’m a Macbook Pro 2011 user, I meet the requirements for the game and it runs perfectly at high graphics settings. I can run Half-Life 2 and I can also run Team Fortress 2. The problem, is that I can successfully join a server, and play the game but eventually, between 20 - 2 hours of playing the same server, the game will eventually freeze, but not crash and this requires me to use the power button in order to come out if this freeze. There is nothing causing the freeze, I can use all tools, spawn all props with no problem. It’s not healthy to be pressing the power button because of this freeze all the time, so can someone let me in on what I can do. Please don’t use any cocky comments referring to me using a Mac or an Apple product.

Thanks, all.

EDIT: Just to note, I have no addons installed.

How long do you wait when it freezes?

I wait a very long time Bo98, I have even left the house for more than an hour to do something and came back, still froze. Another note is that, I get the spinning wheel of death, if that makes sense to you. Click Here.

EDIT: Force quit command doesn’t work either during the freeze, which prompts me to use my power button.

EDIT 2: I also forgot to mention that when joining all servers, the game freezes for like 2 minutes, like, just after downloading all the files ect ect, but then eventually works again, but that is really annoying too.

The joining freeze is normal, I get it too. The freezing for infinite in-game is not.

Have you tried verifying your game files?

Well when I used to use the power button when the game freezes it automatically verify the game files when I went to start the game again but not any more, I don’t know why. But i’ll give it a go.

BUMP: Can someone actually help me please? I love playing the game but I regret to say it’s pissing me off.

Bump: This still doesn’t work. Please someone help me? Garry’s Mod Support are useless.

He is right on this, iObit if you do have it installed is blocking something uninstall it if you do have it and see if it work :dance:

iObit is on Mac?

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That just sounds redundant

No, I do not have iObit.

i had a problem with Garry’s Mod freezing but i got it working read this and see if it work’s for you :dance: