OS X Mavericks User: Game freezes on "waiting for character"

I recently bought Rust of Steam, but whenever I load the game and try to join any server (I’ve tried many official and community servers) I get stuck on the loading “waiting for character” screen. I’ve waited for 20 minutes and I’m still stuck, forcing me to force quit the game. As the title says, I’m a Mac user on OS X Mavericks, I am using a 2011 iMac with an intel core i5 3.1 Ghz quad core processor and an AMD Radeon HD 6970M with 1 GB of graphics memory, if that helps. Any one else experiencing this issue on OS X or have a possible solution for it? I realize this game is in alpha but not even being able to play it is truly frustrating. Thanks for reading.

I tried it on my MacBook Pro 2011 model, and it seems to have the same problem. If you set the graphics a to fastest then maybe you’ll have a chance in joining a server.

Although, overall the the game isn’t optimized to be able to run the game properly on other platforms other than Windows. I would just recommend using Windows for now until they give any further updates about OSX.

Well I don’t have a native Windows machine unfortunately and yes I have a bootcamp partition of Windows 8 and the game works on that, but it’s a glitchy mess with non loaded textures and stuff clipping through the environment, like not playable. I know the game is farther along than that, but i guess my poor little AMD graphics card is not optimized for this game :(. Back in Mac I tried setting graphics to their lowest but sadly it just gets stuck on a different loading thing.