---OsA | Oxide | .5 craft | PvP | Sleeper | No Decay | NOOBS WELCOME

**Welcome to the all new OsA server! **

F1 - net.connect

Hosted in US-Central, and 50 cap. I am an active server owner that will drop air drops, ban cheaters, and help out the newcomers as much as possible. The server name matches the title to this thread. I have a few Admins at this point, but am always looking for active players that I can entrust with the Admin title.

Once the server starts getting more populated I hope to have weekly contests with bases floating above rad towns, and introduce the economy system with bounties and such.

There are about 6 or so active players on the server at this point. All being my friends.

Right now it is currently running Oxide with the below plugins:
-FPS Booster
-Chat History