Oscillodar Radar System

An Oscilloscope-based simple radar system in of itself is based off of the concept postulated by cherry gmod in this thread. Basically the same thing, only a little prettier and with cool blinking lights and…umm… stuff. Rather than type “Oscilloscope Radar” over and over in the course of this post, I’m just going to say “oscillodar.” Easier on my fingers that way.

The Setup:


In its current form, the Oscillodar is composed of two independent parts: the control console and the radar array. The setup can track up to four targets. also, placed on each part, are a set of arrows allowing for better orientation of each part.

The Control Console:


Basically what you see. A Target Finder in-view for easy access, a couple of screens showing miscellaneous information, and of course the Oscilloscope Radar. The Activate button below the radar toggles the rotation of the array on and off.

The Radar Array:


Didn’t really intend to base this off of anything, I just built what came to mind at the thought of “radar dish.” nothing too complex either.



Not entirely sure what is happening here. Moving on…

Another view of the Oscillodar:


Basically, I think the Oscillodar is a good idea and I built my own take on it. I’m not exactly ready to hand out a dupe yet though like I usually do when I post a contraption. There’s a few little things I don’t like about it that I want to fix. I might use this in future contraptions too. Hell, If I can get my FRAPs working, I’ll try to post a video.


Thoughts? Ideas? Criticism?

Not bad, make it look less lame.
add more targets.
Maybe some bleeping noise when it has a target.
:smiley: gj though looks funky.

Make it look not gay :smiley:

dupe please :smiley: or else i have to go make another and why would you want even a .000001 of fame taken away from such a nice thing :smiley: DUPE DERP

This would have never been made if not for cherry gmod making his first. Looks cool, but unoriginal idea. I know you gave him credit…I just hope he gets the fame too.

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Nice, I’m glad someone is using my idea. And you made it look good aswell.

(thanks for credit aswell)

dupe or gtfo lol imma hound you forever

I was planning to post a dupe later today. Been a bit busy upgrading my PC to a new 500gb hard drive.

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you should make that into a rap it would be rad

Nice and Nice looking, Did you get some of those props from CS:S?

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Sometimes I wonder who is worse…the trolls, or the anti-trolls…

I know I might get flamed for this but most of it is PHX3. there’s a few bits that are HL2 Vanilla though.

Honestly, I don’t see why everyone hates PHX. Its useful for creating things like this, when you want to make something that looks functional, not made out of garbage cans.

does it show the distance of the target or just the direction?

It looks like it does, with the TGT Range Output screen. It also appears to show elevation relative to the oscillodar.