Oshawott Playermodel / NPC

this would be Very much appreciated even though itd be difficult to make theres a mod that has a oshawott ragdoll if that could be transformed into a playermodel itd be the best thing ever!

No, it wouldn’t be the best thing ever. It would be a monstrosity if it were turned into a player model because of the fact that the skeleton would distort the model and make it look ugly. You’re better off just leaving it as a ragdoll.

yeah guis plz make it i want it 4 darkrp kk thanxxx :)))))

@ katra But the managed the Make a Boo Model, a tails and sonic TO SCALE models somehow could u explain that?

Boo was never turned into a player model to my knowledge, and I even took a look on garrysmod.org just to double check. As for the Sonic models, that would most likely be due to the fact that those models actually have arms and legs that aren’t tiny little stubs, which therefore make it possible to turn them into player models. The Oshawott model has tiny stubs for arms and legs, which would make it generally unsuitable to use as a player model.

maybe dewott is a bit more suitable, but still it have to be stretched and stuff, making look ugly

its a Old model that was removed for some reason idk why but its a Boo model and even a few of my friends have it. idk.

Dewott would probably be stretching it at best when it comes to making it a player model. The arms MIGHT be suitable, but the legs are still fairly short and might lead to some major stretching if it’s turned into a player model.

well if oshawott was made into a npc at least id still be happy

If I had a million dollars I would be happy.

Step in line kid, your happiness is not our concern.

one can make anything into a player model. how one does it affects what it looks like.

Am I the only one getting a MapGen vibe from this guy? The same guy who requested the Toribash model?

sniff sniff, hmmmmmmmmmmmm well if it really is you gm_ghosthunt, then i’d like to share a few words with you

whats toribash ._. umm no ive never requested a toribash… this is actually my first request

Do you have any idea how making playermodels work?

It’s not just lua, you have to manually decompile the model and rerig the entire fucking thing, and then compile it all over again.

you can use any dynamic model as a player model. if it’s not set up for it it just stands in it’s idle pose and slides around as the player moves. if you give it certain animations and not others you’ll get a mess. i’m very aware of what’s required.