Osiris DarkRP! Custom Jobs, Shipments, and more...



Packed with over 10 custom jobs, custom shipments including drugz and foodmod…
This is the new shit in DarkRP.

Not just your ordinary RP server, Osiris RP has all the latest and greatest Roleplaying content.
I know DarkRP has such a bad name, but the goal is to advance it into something…better…

Custom Jobs:
Police Arms Dealer
Door to Door Salesman
Drug Dealer
Car Dealer

and some admin ones…but i cant tell you those ;]

The server is ALMOST fully done, but continues to be updated daily!
That’s why Osiris DarkRP needs you! For suggestions for additions and other things.

Join today.

Owner: Bruce H. Osiris
Admins: Slithbane, Ted Sanford, Juice Boxington

Thank you! and ENJOY!

Serious RP…for the win.


Ehh I like it but I prefer a smaller 20-30 man server that is easily controlled with more guns and stuff.=)

Is the server rented?, It seems laggy for me?

where do you live, that rarely matters but still


it is 20-30 max players normally :] right now were doing 20 ppl, and we have 5 admins including myself so and there is ALWAYS an admin on

Have you took on the Engine mod Idea?

Cant join. Dammnit.

Error? Oh i probably didn’t have it running. What happened?


Yes. I have a Mechanic job on the server. thanks man! :]

Are you going to be on 1 hour later today?

Looks Great… no. It is great.

Having a lot of custom jobs that mean the same won’t help RP. First, I see on every DarkRP that everyboy puits like 3 custom classes that are the same that one. example: cop, swat, detective, bodyguard. Sure, they do different things, But is the same! Also discourages RP because you give them a weapon!

Personally, I think you must use the only Citizen with /job and have a select minority to have cops flags.

When I readed “Assasin” I just thinked of a whole rp_downtown_v2 full of dr.kleiners with weapons in his hands, killing eachother. Scary…

I think I might join, but I would recommend getting rid of Assasin, Drug Dealer and Gun Dealer. Maybe Car Dealers can sell guns, and bartenders drugs, But introduce strict rules that ANY advertising illegal substance will get them arrested. This adds to the whole realisticness, and stops people just walking round and sayin ‘Who sellss gunz??!1’ in OCC, and makes people rp by asking around and making contacts with the under world.


Also get rid of Police arms dealer its pointless

on my server, i dont give classes weapons to start with, for custom cop classes, i have a Police Arms Dealer job, which sells equipment to the Department


you have to vote and its seen as a high status, most likely if a minge rdm fuckhead wants to be an assassin, just vote no. if hes a fucker, demote him.
my server is well controlled

Another deal with the Police Arms Dealer job, was that, the only gun dealer on the server, is the “Black Market Dealer” who sells illegal goods(guns, other ;)) In case of emergency where the cops are in a bad, bad fight, or chase, the police arms dealer is ready to hook up the force with m16’s and assault weaponry.
Guns are/should be RARELY used on the server.


Yeah you might want to get rid of the assasin, I was on your server the other day… so much abusing of powers. Also you need more and better admins.

Most people can’t join well because they don’t has map or there pc is gay