Hey everyone! After seeing how many cookie-cutter DarkRp servers there are lately, I’m here to introduce OsirisRp! Basically, this is the result of seeing bad/no admin control, constant griefing, and thousands of custom classes with no reason being there but to “impress” everyone, not to mention RDM’ing. What we are trying to establish here is a server that is faithful to the true DarkRp; Serious Rp with originality, style, and class.

  There's nothing more "surprising" than a plain DarkRp server, but we're trying to rebuild what DarkRp really was. To be honest, it's really gone to waste in the hands of most. As a Hardcore Roleplayer, I hate it when I see 20 different classes with no reason whatsoever, which brings me to.. 

-and that’s pretty much it. there are a few others, but solely to control who gets what at the moment. How do you get an infinite possibility of classes? That is what /job is for.

    We have gun licenses on almost , if not all the time, to prevent RDM'ing, which is another thing we all despise. Guns are/should be rarely used on our server, and admin are always on shift to filter out the mingebags. We have a lot of Ideas, but unfortunately we are only with the skeleton of what it will be in the future. We plan to add custom content to the server which will be unavailable to everyone else, exclusive to our guests. The reason why I am promoting this server is not only to provide a fun, memorable Roleplay experience, but because we also need people to try it out, tell us what you think, and all that, in order to optimize everyone's gameplay.

So, If you have any questions/feedback, feel free to comment! If not, check us out anyway! Thanks!

Check out our website! http://slithbane.webs.com/

Owner: Bruce H. Osiris
Admins: Slithbane (me!), Ted Sanford, Juice Boxington

See you all Soon! (hopefully) -Slithbane.

Sounds GREAT!

I’m definitely sick of joining an RP server to see that there’s 20 classes that are EXACTLY the same, and everyone in the server are Hobos throwing poop at each other and making zombie noises.

Citizen, Cop and Mayor is definitely enough! Although, in every RP there should be “bad guys”, and while I understand the way you see it - people using /job to set their job to a “bad guy” - the “bad guys” still need a leader and that’s why I think you should consider that (maybe the same with the cops?).

Anyway, it sounds good, I’ll definitely check out the server soon.



Server is down at the moment =\

Thanks for the feedback! The hobo was so strange, I wonder why anyone wants to be one (besides minges.) We’ll consider it, but we have a gangster, which usually is made to rebels, or really anything at all.

No problem - I’m just wondering, is the server still down?

Yesterday I wanted to give the server a try but it was down.

I have a felling both those users are the same person :expressionless:

That, or the other guy is just another admin in the server? :slight_smile:

Actually, Cairns, you’re right! I was on my old account and didn’t notice. My account change is due to the name preference (as it is my Rp name permanently) as well as my new email, sorry about that mixup D:) I am now and forever Slithbane though.


Yeah, right now the server is run manually D:… but we’re trying to get the server running 24/7! as of now, we don’t, ehm, have a lot of traffic, but we need some publicity before we start paying for a ghost server. We’re usually running at night by the way.

Oh, you mean it’s a home-made server?

Well anyway, add me on Steam - tomeron2.
And send me a message when the server is up and I’ll join you.

Yeah, it’s Home-made. So yeah, man, sounds good.
Anyways, so far we’ve just started running the server longer (keeping the computer on) :open_mouth:
but we’re still going to have control… points at Minges