Osprey Replacement for HL2 Helicopter

There is this Osprey in that Goldsource model porting thing(http://www.facepunch.com/threads/738169-Goldsource-to-Source-model-porting-thread), very well ported, the Osprey can be model manipulated onto the HL2 chopper and the rotors will spin perfectly but the weapons won’t work and the landing gear is always retracted. I love that Osprey and I was hoping that someone would be king enough to rig it so that it will be able to use it’s guns and it will catch fire just like the normal HL2 chopper, and that that someone could also make the landing gear be extended. Why i need the landing gear extended? Well I want to use it with that Flyable Helicopter mod thing that makes the HL2 chopper flyable. It works with that mod without being rigged and without the landing gear too, but again, the weapons don’t work and when it’s on the ground it just floats 10-15 inches above the ground just like the landing gear would have been extended. I tried to extend the landing gear myself, but i am a complete n00b at using any 3d modeling program and everything just ended up completly fubar, as for the rigging, that is a complete mystery to me. So please someone be so kind as to rig it and make the landing gear be extended.

Here’s proof that the rotors actually work

So please someone help.

Well here are better Osprey models for this, since I love the osprey so I might look into it, maybe if somone gives me the osprey model from ARMA2 I will rig it :slight_smile:

Proj3ct_ZeRo, we aren’t allowed to use any models from the ARMA games. A representative of the developers came on here and said about that, and contacted Garry to remove any links to it.


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I don’t know any better Osprey Models… heck, I don’t know any other Osprey models at all.

I’d love a more HD model, but i’m not aware of any and i kinda would have liked this model to be rigged because i actually have gibs for it for when it blows up. http://video.xfire.com/3e559c-4.jpg

Theres a good osprey model in one of DTmech’s packs, dunno if he wants you to do it though

I wasn’t gonna upload it anywhere, it was just for me and a couple of friends

Ok, I looked at DTmech’s V-22, it is nice and detailed, but it’s a ragdoll and the rotors don’t spin so that would mean extra rigging…