Oswald from Epic Mickey


We have Mickey from Kingdom Hearts, and we CAN rip models from the wii…

No refrences becuse I want it RIPPED FROM THE GAME (And the face posing, finger posing, no eyeposing (He doesn’t really have eyes)

Not only Oswald, why not Gus the Gremlin, the animatronic Mickey´s friends and Mickey? It would be REALLY cool.

urr i would suggest putting some refrance because some of us (including me) have no idea what you are talking about

Oops sorry, well i wil put the photos:
This is Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit
Mickey Mouse
Animatronic Donald
Gus the Gremlin

Oswald was Disney’s main star until they made Mickey and got famous. Then they basically abandoned him.

The game’s concept art was amazing. Too bad they put it on the wii. It would’ve looked awesome on a next-gen console or PC.

Warren actually released Epic Mickey on Wii, for the gamer fell the action using the pencil (the Wiimote), and, c´mon, it fits really good on Wii

well surely the wii mote can be supplemented for play station move

Hmmm…Spector tell that if they released the Move before, he will still release the Epic Mickey for Wii, because there wasn´t more time to do another Epic Mickey, and also, that he take about 4-5 years doing this perfect game. So, someone would try extracting them and convert them in ragdolls?

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Correction. They had Oswald till Universal took it away from Walt Disney. He made Mickey Mouse to replace Oswald, Mickey became famous.

more than likely the best person to ask for this would be davij086 as he started the ripping from metroid other m or just some other wii porter

Ah, I checked and you were correct. Sorry about that. It’s not like Universal fucking used Oswald anyway.

It would be cool if they do some Oswald cartoons, but how are they now…this is with the Gremlins too, they are funny

I don’t come here much, but it appears that the same few people are asking for stupid models that there is really no use for.

But it appear that the same few people are saying stupid thing about our models, like you, a good example

Well, it’s not like porting is bad. If we port it once (which is usually easier than making) then people will have the models forever.

The sad part is that this post is actually basically the story behind Oswald’s appearance in the game.

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Yeah, I’d never even heard of him until Epic Mickey was announced.