OSX Client

The OSX client is on Steam now… but in developer mode.

To switch to developer mode the process is the same as Garry’s Mod: http://support.facepunchstudios.com/kb/articles/11-how-do-i-join-the-dev-branch

Let me know how you get on, whether it works or not… and any bugs you can see (which should be quite a lot).

We’ve only just got this working so things will probably be quite rough (which is why it’s on the developer branch and not the main branch).

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Thanks for the update!

Garry do you know about the dupe bug?

This isn’t the place, send him an Email… it’s listed on the front page.

As i started it up,i noticed the rust alpha little logo.I was able to see how many players were in each server.The loading time is great,but as the game started that when i saw alot of bugs.Such as black skys and alot of glitchy everything.

Im stuck on Fetching load list any ideas?

I just have a grey screen. No messaging

All im seeing is a grey screen

Ya same here second time i opened it all i see is gray screen with logo

He knows, it’s listed on his Trello.


Can you please retry now :slight_smile:

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Actually I see the issue - give it 10 mins to recompile and should work

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Ok Thanks garry for taking care of it so fast :smiley:

Any information on Linux compatibility or Steam OS?

i need one key ‘-’,i try play this game to mouths

No servers pop up on my server list.

Never mind I can connect now.

Everything seems to be ok now, thanks Garry

Still doesnt work

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Just kidding thanks!

No bugs to report?

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Whenever i try to load it up it freezes and becomes unresponsive