Osx client

Hi, playing rust on Mavericks. Loving the game :slight_smile:

But I have a couple of bugs ive not seen others (streamers etc) have:

  1. server list looks horrible. icons and filters and other text are overlapping eachother, making it near impossible to click.
  2. cannot at all click the refresh button on serverlist
  3. at startup, when loading servers, its really really slow
  4. when using inventory, furnace, campfire or when accessing any other crafting or loot screen, when exiting, the screen (player viewpoint/head) turns in an instant to a random direction (usually up :S) This is really really annoying, and makes it really hard to fluently check boxes and crafting tools. its feels like the moving of the head still registers the mouse-movement when mousing in inventory, so when exiting inventory, the head turns to where the mouse went when clicking stuff in the box. hard to explain. but really needs to be adressed!

So im wondering if theres a difference between the windows client and the osx client?

Im on a Macbook pro 2013 (haswell) using a logitech mx518 external mouse.

Appreciate any help/answer :slight_smile:

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after reading abit more, i see that there are definitely issues with the osx-version :slight_smile:

so i guess we have to patiently wait for you guys to prioritise our platform.

game is still working, and im having lots of fun trying not to get killed as a naked guy…