OSX Freezes on connection/loading of server

I am running on a mac and when I try to connect to ANY server, any at all, the game freezes at seemingly inconsistent points along the process to getting in the game. It generally freezes when loading rust_map_2013 or when loading trees, growing trees, or loading the character. My computer specs are as follows:

MacBook Pro
Intel Core i7, 2.9GHz
1 processor, 2 cores
8GB Memory
Intel HD Graphics 4000, 512MB

Any help on fixing the problem is greatly appreciated

P.S. It worked fine when it was still browser based using unity, and didn’t work when it switched over to steam

Worked for me when it switched

its just the new update is messed up

I have looked at the rust website, and there is a post some issues, and one is about being unable to load, and the reason they list is not enough memory:

“Some people can’t enter the game due to running out of memory, we’re working on this, you can try to opt into the developer version and see if that helps you, but for now it’s going to need around 2.0 gigs of available memory to load.”

I have opted in but haven’t tried playing yet, so I don’t even know why I’m posting this, so I’ll probably reply once I try to play.

How do i add more ram to rust

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Is it working for you?

i went into dev mode and have 4gb of of memory but i keep getting stuck on waiting for character any ideas why?

It must be the new update

I think rust automatically allocates as much RAM as it can to the game

I tried to connect and it got stuck on “Loading Shared”, about 85% done.

has anyone found a fix for any problems ? fps , crash , connection problems ?

I have the same problem on my mac. Don’t know how to fix it, tho :frowning:



I have the same problem

I recently tried to get on and I noticed, whether with a dev update or a official release I’m not sure, an option was added to change the graphics quality, so I set my graphics quality to about 65% and I was able to log onto a PVE server and the game ran beautifully.