[OSX] Help getting the TF2 section in the Spawn Menu back

Here is what happened:
After trying to get tf2 to work (it wasn’t downloading maps) I had no choice but resort to reinstall it. I could not be bothered to install it again after deleting, so me being the idiot I am I decided to delete the tf2 section in Garry’s Mod in the spawn menu. The one with all the character models and weapons; I thought they would “magically” come back to the game.
A month later, after downloading tf2 again, the game works fine. But in Garry’s Mod, the spawn menu section for tf2 is still gone. I can get the props from the game using the search bar, but it’s really inconvenient for making screens.

THIS section is what i’m talking about:


I don’t want have to resort to reinstalling the game, but right now I think it’s all I can do.
I would be really grateful if someone could help me out.

Photo link here if it isn’t working: http://imgur.com/mlxRAlf

Go to settings/spawnlist and delete all text files there. GMod will bring back all the default spawnlists then.

Ok, thanks a lot man. I’ll see if it works