OTG:Chicago/Magma/Active Admins/AntiHack/StarterKit/AirDrop/NoDura/Clans

Hello I would like to announce that OTG is a new rust server set up 8/12/2014. If you are looking for a friendly server with admins that do not abuse this is the place!
Are you tired of hackers and glitchers ruining the game? Well we have custom coded a plugin to stop that and tested it against the lastest hacks, and we also have admins on through most hours of the day.
We have Clan events and small events set up for people to participate in and win prizes.
OneTickGaming(OTG) is a multi-gaming community and play more than just rust! If you would like to join us on teamspeak 3 here is our IP: ts.onetickgaming.com
Our server has loads of cool stuff, and we have variety of mods for you guys to enjoy. We also have plugins that other servers dont have with everything being smooth and flawless.

Join with:
In-game press F1 then paste this : net.connect

Here’s the complete list of what our server includes:
At night you gather 2x resources but beware animals are vicious at night!
PvP protection for new players on the server!
No Durabilty
Half Crafting time
Custom AntiCheat!
Reduced drop chance of Kevlar, C4, Explosives, and M4’s
Starter Kit
Vote Rewards

One of the best servers I’ve played on yet, will definitely be my rust home :slight_smile: Fair and cooperative admins, an awesome player base, and the clans system that I’ve never actually seen before this. And that anti-cheat has been really keeping the hackers at bay. Nothing bad to say about this server, don’t believe me? Check it out for yourselves :slight_smile:

Added PvP protection for new players to the server, and 2x resources at night!

EDIT: Also removed decay!