Othello machinima

hey uhm guys i’m working on an othello machinima that is sort of abridged so, can you guys suggest some maps for my machinima right now i’m using cs_militia, and am looking for a night version of it for part 2 of scene 1 act 1 :P. i can also use some suggestions. heres the first thing iago says unedited, i’m still trying to figure out how to bring the lipsyced thing from the sdk straight to gmod :frowning:


Your link is broken.
I can also help you with your Lip Syncing problem. Private message me or Add me to Steam.



I can make pretty decent custom maps if I can get any kind of idea what you want it to look like exactly; I’m way too tired of seeing shoty map work. Just way too tired of it man. Although professionally built map generally turn out well but have the whole ‘that’s not right to do that there’ feel to them. So if you’re interested Pm me, or any other competent map maker.

I’ll contact you on method of creating a universally correct map, such as lighting, water, land and correct use of Hammer. That is if you are willing to teach me.