Other people cannot connect

I’m running it in my house, Other people on the internet can connect to the HTTP part but cannot connect to Source Dedicated Server. It works on LAN.

I tried opening ports 27005 and 27015.

And the guide I used was: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Dedicated_Server_Setup
But I only installed Garry’s Mod.

ok, so you said you already made sure and forwarded your ports?

you might also need to open port 27020, thats one of the ports I needed to open.

if that doesn’t work, I would switch to using “slayers dedicated server”, works fine for me.

if that doesn’t work, sometimes your firewall can block the connection. both an installed firewall and windows firewall. so turn those off.

if that doesn’t work sometimes the router itself has a firewall which needs to be disable. you can connect to your router via your web browser (you’ll have to use google to find exactly how though)

if that doesn’t work you can connect to your router and set it to put your computer in DMZ. you can also find that via the routers web page. (you’ll have to look that one up too.)

if that doesn’t work maybe a hammer

if that doesn’t work you may have to manually set your ip address if your running windows vista… (you’ll also have to look that one up)

if that doesn’t work try connecting your computer directly to the modem bypassing the router.

if that doesn’t work then it gets a little tricky. if you have slayers dedicated server you may need to go into the start garrysmod.bat and edit the file. add in +hostport 27015 +tv_port 27020 +ip “Your IP here” right after where it says to set the max # of players.

if that doesn’t work maybe try another port like 27016 instead of 27015. I had trouble with 27015 myself and switched it to 27016

to be honest really i don’t know why mine is working now… I must have changed all those settings 50 times before it worked. cosmically speaking i think i just spent enough time in front of the computer wanting it.

so if that doesn’t work just spend some time in front of you computer wanting it.

DMZ your server/computer, if that fails your ISP is blocking it or you have a firewall on your server computer blocking it.