Other players get game error when joining my server

First off i tried to click on create sever and i know its not that simple (it didnt show up on the list), so i did some port fowarding. It worked you can now see it on the list, but when some of my friends tried to join they cant because it says error: failed after four tries ( yes i have done sv_lan 0 and heartbeat or what ever). So i end up following the instructions for dedicated server setup in the gmod wiki page. I get that running but… when they try and join they get the same error. I have port fowarded ports 27005-27039 TCP and UDP and port 1200 TCP ad UDP. I have no idea why its doing that i can join fine but they can’t. :eng99:

Anyone got any ideas why ?

Have you forwarded the ports on both your router’s firewall and opened them up in your PC’s software firewall?

Even if you didn’t install one, (and you didn’t disable it) it’s likely you’ve got Windows Firewall running and blocking incoming connections. You need to either disable it while you’re hosting the server or add some exceptions to it.

DMZ is such an easier way of forwarding ports. It opens every one of them up when they are needed… Automatically!! Problem is… Its not very secure in cases when you get a virus and what not. Stay safe and no p0rn and you will be fine.

I dont use windows firewall i use Norton Anti-Virus and i do believe hl2.exe is aloud to run in it.

DMZ doesnt seem very safe

Yah I wouldn’t go the DMZ route. It’s unnecessary if you’ve got the appropriate ports forwarded on your router anyway - try disabling your software firewall (Norton?) and see if people can join. If they can, then you know that’s the problem and you need to add some exceptions.

okay so i disabled my fire wall and still my friends cant join, is it possible that he is just not aloud to join because he is the only person i have tried with.

I am very confused now…what ports should i port foward right now i have 27015 27016 and 27005