Other sites where Garrys mod releases are released?

Garrys related stuff and facepunch is all that i know of.
Are there other sites where people upload ragdolls ,maps etc?
List them here if you know :downs:

there’s rastifan’s digitalero.
most of the models there are adult stuff though,.
besides that, nothing I know of,.

Thank you. The content doesn`t matter :wink:

garrysmod.org :wink:


Garrys mod.org is what i meant with garrys related :downs:
Thanks for replying though :wink:

moddb has a few things, not much though.

Is there a specific reason why you want to know? Garry’s Mod or Facepunch is pretty the only place decent you’ll find anything decent.


if you can’t get stuff from gmod.org, then yeah it definitly sounds like you’re a pirate to me…

Im not a pirate no ,im just suprised that theres not a lot more sites with releases. :wink: I didnt find those XXX models on facepunch for example. :eng101:
Doesn`t people realize that they dont have to be used for porn?
Weld armor and shit on those girls and they truly look bad ass.

I have some tiny bit of hope that somewhere
out there are those Skyrim imperials… :rolleyes:

Or you could learn how to port models and properly rig a ragdoll, and be able to do everything yourself and be at least 1000% more productive!

Don’t forgot headhacking, you could make fuckloads of different models that way.