Other Source Content on Dedicated Server

Hi, I’m attempting to get a server with sourcemod, Left4dead content, and Half Life Source Content. I own both games on steam but I don’t have a way to get it in server format and I don’t know how to put gm-mount 2 on a server. Can someone help me?

Got same prob.

I tried downloading SRCDS and downloading it manually, but i have no idea where to put the left 4 dead content. SRCDS dosen’t support Half Life: Source and Half life Deathmatch Source but I read somewhere you can copy the content directlly from the steamapps folder to the server folder. But where do I put it? orangebox? ep2? hl2? I’m gunna just put hls in the orange box and hope for the best.

But since left 4 dead uses different formats, i’m guessing mount2 looks in a certan directory. How do i get gm mount 2 to work with left 4 dead on a server?

I don’t think it does