Other U.S servers be up tonight?

Just a simple question. I was just wondering if anyone (dev mods) would have a idea if they will. No biggy if they will be i am wondering and havent seen any post on it. Thanks

There’s been a couple of posts on this today. It would seem that they are being DDOS-ed, so I’m sure an ETA of when they will be back up is pretty much impossible to say.

Thanks for the reply.

They are back on atm, but extremely laggy to the point it’s unplayable, I’ll check it back in half and hour and let you guys know how it is.

Not seeing the PVE US server…or am I blind?

All I have to say is that the guy who is DDOSing those servers must have masked his(or her) IP very well.

They were probably still under DDOS attack and just got taken down.

The first “D” in DDoS is “distributed” meaning that it’s not a single person, it’s a NETWORK of people.

Most likely a single person using a network of compromised computers

I am experienced in much of the forms of DDOS, and I know how to use a total of 3 servers with masked IPs to DDOS a server.(I performed a DDOS on my school as a part of a research project in my technological security class.)
The problem is that, no matter how you mask something, you will still be caught. Everywhere you go you leave an electronic fingerprint that can easily be traced once found.

You’re teacher allowed you to DDos The school? Lol!

It was to show weakness. Just a simple white hat hacker. Nothing wrong with it.

I think it’s a little bit different in practical applications. When a botnet is involved, and that botnet is made up of a large number of compromised home PCs, hiding the IP addresses the attack comes from is largely inconsequential. The attackers identity is fairly well hidden, and it would take a major law enforcement effort to find them.

The good news is that DDoS-ing a game website is not the only thing you can do with a botnet. There are a number of more profitable activities its owner could be doing. I have to imagine they’ll get tired of DDoS-ing Rust soon.