Other's cannot see my spray, I can see my spray and other's sprays

I’ve done tons of searching and nobody ever has an answer. I made the spray images 20kb, 256x256 and it imports fine into Gmod, I can spray and see it myself and see other sprays but nobody can see my spray. I’m assuming it’s firewall related but I have no idea how I would fix it. Any help?

I managed to fix it for myself by changing cl_allowupload 0 to 1, it disabled itself for some reason.

Got the same problem + I slected a spray and now its llways the same (EVEN IF I DELETE THE FILE !!!) :frowning:

the only thing i know is

(some peoples says that you need to make your *.vmt)

Steam cloud?

That didn’t fix it either, I don’t know if it’s related but I will often have to respray a few times to even be able to see it myself.