Others can't join server, port forwarded, and other servers do work.

I’ve been confused about my Gmod server for some time now. I’ve successfully run Css and Tf2, Teamspeak, and a Minecraft server, and they all worked fine. Gmod however, doesn’t. I can join it, but nobody else can. I’ve got it to work on one occasion, and never since.

That’s the “http://api.steampowered.com/ISteamApps/GetServersAtAddress/” thing of my server, it shows as there is a server. tools to check open ports say that port 27015 is open.

That’s my port forwarding setup. The server’s ipv4 is I’m really lost here, any help would be appreciated.

Has this been resolved OP?

If not, is your server assigning to port 27015 successfully? You said you’ve ran other servers, I’m not sure if you’ve got let’s say a TF2 server up and that’s conflicting.

Are you routing through any form of tunnel like a VPN/GRE or is it just straight up bare home hosted?

Does anything change if you change the region to 255?

Thanks for the response. I have no other servers running when Gmod is running. It’s a home hosted server, no tunnels or vpns. Changing the region didn’t help.

Does your firewall allow you to check your state table? See where the IP’s are being forwarded to?


Do you host with Windows or Linux? Try using Netstat to see if traffic is making it to your server machine

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If you’re joining via your private IP I believe when people see it and try to join it, they try to join via your LAN IP. Mind PMing me the IP to see if I can connect?

I’m using windows to host. I will get you a Netstat screen when I get the chance to look at it. I will get the server up and pm you.

I was able to join and I invited a friend and it worked great for him too. I PM’d you the theory, maybe you could verify if that was the problem.