otIs needs YOUR HELP

The famous otIs star of the Jerks of Garry’s Mod series needs YOUR HELP!

Today he has finished Jerks of Garry’s Mod EPISODE FOUR!!1!one! But is unable to upload unless Episode 3 gets TEN THOUSAND VIEWS!

And as a bonus, if you get him the views he needs, myself, TheGLaDOSVideoCore will release Jerks of Team-Fortress 2 Episode 2!

Or you can not do a gimmicky “Get us X so we’ll release X” and release the videos instead of waiting for your views to go up.

You get more views by releasing more content, you really are stretching it by saying you’ll release more content for more views.

It wasn’t my idea. otIs told me to post this. I tried to tell him just to release it but he’s old so he’s picky.

otis 4 president

HHHHHHHHHHAHahahAHAHAHHAahahAHAHhahHhahAHhAHA oh god why have i not seen this vid before

I thought it was going to be some cheap mediocre unfunny video, but I laughed my ass off. Nice job.

Oh otis!


I’ve seen this plenty of times and it never gets old.

my fav!!