Otto's suggestion thread - The thread with shitty visuals and shittier descriptions!

Decided to put all my “visual based”, “basebuilding” and the like ideas in one thread, and make a few images to company it. My first suggestion, as it was mentioned things where considered or something about using more materials for walls, is to use plates for them. The plates would need to be found or crafted (Best if found) and could be found in different states of decays, or just one state, but one can be picked.

They could be used to create the building items but with plates instead of wood, they would be more sturdy and look much more shantytown-ish and generally awesome.

Here’s a wall:

Too much holes? I’ll fix that.

You want more decay instead of just whole plates? I can fix that as well

Here’s a doorway:

I guess these things could serve as something when modelling, something to follow I guess. Also, since there are so many territorial wars around I decided to start working on the playermodel a bit.

I am sure the bloods will win.

Yeah I bet you would draw visuals, speaking I only have a mouse to draw with.
I will /try/ to draw some pictures of how I see a concrete houses and upload them to this thread when I get to it.