oTwo Brenodi Empire tropers trying taking cover from a mech

Sup. Posing test with bad models.


Ffs, just noticed that the dude closest to the screen has a broken left arm.

That’s ridiculous.

Brenodi own all the cool shit, those should be their mechs.

The helmet looks silly, kind of too tall.

I agree, Brenodi should have the mechs.

Anyways, where’d you get the models?

Isn’t it spelled Troopers?

And what Ilwrath said.

Blame the Empires Modellers, they made it not him.

Did you modify the weapons, because when I spawn they were effects.

Left soldier: “Why is all my shit oversized?”

No, I just made the effects invisible.

The whole title is full of mispelling, I was tired.

But NF dudes and their stuff look like shit IMO, so I used Brenodi dudes.

Copypasta from the mod files.

Cool pic, those soldiers look too funny though. I couldn’t have brought myself to use those models.

Yea his left hand is a little wierd but it looks pretty good in general.

Isn’t that robot The Vman?

Nop, seems liek a default BF 2142 mech.
Anyway, good picture, too bad those Empires models are fugly.

That’s a PAC mech, VMan is an EU mech.

Ah, I must brush up on my mech knowledge.

Well, it’s a nice pic except for the horrible ragdolls and the silly helmets! I mean, those helmets are way too small for those guys heads!