Ouch! This corpse is on fire!

I was buying code from Phoenix a while back, when that whole fiasco happened. In the end he gave me some code that causes bodies to be un-identifiable if they die while on fire. I have no idea where the code is but it says: “Ouch! This corpse is on fire!” if you try to identify them. I don’t believe the code is in my addons or lua/autorun. Any ideas…?

This is a default feature of TTT.

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So how do I disable it? Typically you can identify bodies that were on fire. Not flare gun’d but on fire.

You’ve never been able to identify corpses on fire. I updated my original post with the link to the code that disables you from identifying the body.

Not corpses on fire… people that died to fire. Like someone who jumped in lava. I can’t identify them.

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When prior to the person installing code I could identify them if they jumped into lava. Or an incendiary grenade killed them.

Pretty sure “lava” in most maps is just a pain trigger, but otherwise, no idea why that’s happening. If you’re sure it’s none of your addons doing that, then try restoring your terrortown and lua folder.

http://pastebin.com/hjyHpxkV My corpse.lua is differnet, don’t know if it means anything

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Corpse SHD http://pastebin.com/kcWXwp72

Update/reinstall your TTT then; it must have been your own modification because corpse.lua hasn’t been updated in 6 months.