Our Favortie Doctor (Gordon) Now Answering Your Questions

… about anything you need to know. Hi, I’m Dr. Gordon’s underpaid secretary and I’m not getting paid to tell you about his new show; Dr Gordon’s Really Show in 3D. He’s a doctor who know everything and he can answer any question. He’s only got three episodes in my unpaid freezer but we need your not smarter than him to keep him going!

Come on, we all love Gordon Freeman and his face, so post your questions right on this thread!

Maybe we should get a roleplay subforum V:v:V

Where the fuck have you been these last 3 years.

Asleep on the floor of the White Forest hanger/ garage place.

Not enough Left 4 Dead in this thread.

As an unpaid Gordon worker, he’s not paying me to tell you it’s my fault. He hung out with uncool me and grew an Afro.

This thread is now about Afros.

How does this have anything to do with screenshots?

What the hell is going on here?

Afros and L4D apparently

What does Tank love?

Why haven’t you fucked Alyx yet?

I was expecting The Doctor in this thread. I am dissapointed :geno:

I told him you said that. I wish he could to, but he said it’s my fault.