our fears are different here.

we train in AVA




  1. ALERT! BLUR OVERUSE DETECTED! The blur on chinook looks proper cuz it is far away, but APC (BMP-90 or BMP-80 in this case) and the soliders are standing right next to the aiming spec ops guy. Decrease blur on APC and two soliders so that they will be just a little bit blurred.
  2. APC is too small. Have you ever seen a BMP or APC? It should be taller at least for a quarter of a height of a standing solider.

And please, shut up about the technical stuff. Nobody cares how well do you know millitary vehicles and tactics and so on. Most of us here aren’t going for realisticness anyway. Picture is a work of art - it is supposed to look artistic, not realistic. Thanks.

And now, critisism on your work.
I really like the first one, nice composition adn camera angle. I like the muzzleflash, too. Just that it could create a bit more light.
The lighting is a bit nonsencial, though. Lots of random black areas on the building. The soldiers are not shaded properly, neither. Also it’s a bit monocoloric. And the tracers are too thick in my opinion.

The second one looks good, but the blur is too strong. As I stated before, we could also see more of the guy on the right. He is cut off too soon. Again, nice composition. I like the color scheme, too, but desaturating kind of sucks the life out of the picture. It could also use some more contrast.


haven’t given proper critisism in a long time, I feel good :buddy:



  1. I don’t want to make soldier dies.

  2. then what would be nice to him? what could he do?

  3. yeah blur

  4. yeah apc

Both look great overall. Like the others said, I’d lower the blur slightly on the BMP and enemy soldier in the second picture, but not too much. Those AVA models are sweet.