Our motto ...... Apocalyspe NOW

This one is inspired by the movie : Apocalypse Now.


oh my god

Not sure if “oh my god” because of epicness … or because of retardness lol

I’m not sure what this has to do with Apocalypse Now.

Well actually nothing, but it does have vietnam-era soldiers with vietnam-era weapons and vietnam-era B-29 SuperFortress

The M1A1 abrams wasn’t around in vietnam…

didn’t say it was, but i couldn’t find a vietnam era-tank

You should’ve titled it Apocalypse WOW.

haha all those planes

Not gonna lie, the only song that fits this

I do find it a bad image, but it just screams this song to me.

The B-29 Super-fortress wasn’t used in Vietnam either… they stopped using it in combat after the Korean war

My question is why are they all tip-toeing…?

They actually aren’t tip-toeing its just the boots

They are, all tip-toeing.

Two are tip-toeing, one is floating.

this is fucking amazing sry guys

The idea is good, makind it a reality is not.

dat tint