Our new video :)

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omg trainz so funni XDDD

As for constructive criticism, stuff in this is section is primarily for building, screenshots, and dupes. Just simply fucking-around doesn’t have a lot of quality.

The intro was very nice and well done but it went downhill immediately after that.

Thaks for the honestly answers,
Can u give some advices? Ik its an unplayed modeat all today I played Slender man and PropHunt too and its so funny and scary at the same time XDDD
~more videos soon please Subscirbe :\

this video was just awful

I know.
That was our first time in this game XDLAWL.
We will get better (ithink)

  1. Don’t use XD, memes, or LAWL on Facepunch. The memes can get you banned, and the XD and LAWL are just generally annoying/make you seem unprofessional.

  2. Make higher quality content; don’t just do a few mind-numbing play-throughs that take no effort. Do something like making a machinima, posing, or building something cool.

  3. Don’t put memes in videos. Again, it makes it seem unprofessional and dumb.