"Our off-screen enemy needs to be destroyed!" Soldier sh- You know the shit.


Bored + No fucking ideas at all = this.


Waaaay too many shells.

It’s so awesome it’s shooting a many shells it’s epic agihdnhköasfhk

Seriously, I thought it wasn’t THAT many shells being erected.


Double t-oh wait.
yeah way to many shells

and yes it is.
Oh wait erected olol I can make a boner joke!
[sp]Quoted before ninja edit[/sp]

Erected? :smug:

Well, a trained soldier wouldn’t fire on full-auto but even if he did, those shells are way too close together - most weapons don’t have a rate of fire nearly that fast.


They have overkill-weaponry! retreat!

Is that a lazer gun? Or a fading muzzleflash?
Stock is clipping slightly.

I’mma firin’ mah bullet-powered lazah.

The shoulders need to be twisted more, by the way.

Pew pew!

It looks like he doesn’t get recoil even after impossib-auto’ing

Pikachu, Thunderbolt! its not very effective…

Generic rock type uses mud slap * It’s super effective! *