Our Plan of action for Ranking Servers Better

So it’s been a month since we added the new ranking up. It wasn’t much of a change, but it certainly gave us some insight on how we want to do things.

Effective March 1st, 2014 the following will be taken into account:

  • Servers will only lose points if they fall below a certain threshold (TBD) overall. No more hiccups causing you to lose your rank. Or upgrades, restarts, etc.
  • Servers will gain points for having 20% of total player pop (points TBD)
  • Daily points will be rewarded to servers who consistently get votes/have a good uptime. This will weed out servers that burst a bunch of votes at once to stay on top, and then feather off.


  • Servers that leave comments enabled get points (TBD)

As always, this will be updated and posted to our How We Rank section of the site.

Since we’ve been accused a few times of just “advertising here” I won’t be posting the URL unless asked. By now, most of you know who we are :slight_smile:

I’d love to hear some feedback on the changes, as always.

Thanks for providing a great resource for us :slight_smile:

Thanks man. Just doing my part for the community (I hope) :slight_smile: Time will tell.

Hey, i think this could be the right way. There is always the problem that guys playing on the server dont vote cause they are lazy or whatever. Points from playing on the server and have population is the right way. Would love to see a mod someday (oxid adn/or magma) to just /vote and receive a little gift or something for the day (im not talking about weapons, just 200 wood or whatever or nothing!).
but in the first line should the server get points for having players connected.
just in the fair way of servers having different type of slots.

the thing about the comments is, someone needs to moderate this. since there is alot of abuse and advertising. so i dont like the idea of getting points for commenting enabled. people ever ever will type bshit if they are p off something. but nearly NOBODY will comment if they like the server.

Great feedback! Yeah, there is a lot of abuse in the comments, and I do understand why people are shutting off their comments when they become heavily spammed. I’ve tried working with disqus on cutting back some spam, but they have no way to filter that out, so it’d have to be done manually. With hundreds of comments a week, it’s a task in itself to go thru.

We do have a configurable plugin called TRSVoter (you can find it on your edit server listing page) and you can configure that however you like (to give wood, or give them a house, lol). It’s up to you. They run /voted after they vote and it will send them whatever you specify. Check out the API/Plugins section of that page. :slight_smile: