Our project: 2 amazing weeks later!

A week ago today we announced our first week statistics and what we worked on. The response was pretty well received.

We launched http://toprustservers.com almost 2 weeks ago.

Some new things:

  • Ability to buy sponsored listings (this is the ONLY form of revenue the site has, we’re bootstrapping everything else, which we’re perfectly fine doing)
  • Hosted banners to help promote your listing [done]
  • SEO optimization (first round) [done]
  • Better filtering and classification of listings [coming]

Some Stats:

  • Over 80k page views this week
  • 2200+ votes cast
  • 75+ unique banners uploaded to server listings
  • 160+ servers claimed
  • 400+ members registered
  • 8000+ servers tracked (and responding)
  • 260+ comments made on servers (the discussions are there)

If you caught our last post here, you’ll see those #'s have doubled or even tripled in some cases. I’m super proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish.

Our future

Since our project has gotten pretty popular in the rust gaming community, it’s only fair to address some concerns that users have. Some believe that there are a certain group of individuals who are using proxies/vpn’s to bring their vote higher than others. To us, this is just like buying fake likes on your FB or twitter. Sure, the # shows but no one really engages you or gives you the feedback actual fans would. And in this case, players would.

What we are doing about this: We are going to reset the entire ranking system as soon as our new ranking system is live. And then continue to do so at the end of every month. Once our new ranking system is live we’ll be working to make it more and more defined. We are sorry to those that feel the alleged cheaters are winning. We are working to remedy this.

How would you do ranking? I’m open to suggestions and improvements. You can reach me on twitter @jwerd

We’re working day in and day out on the site to improve it. #'s are steadily growing but that is not enough for us.

Enjoy your weekend and please check out our project if you get a chance. :slight_smile:

Yes everyone should use this site and help spread the word around to friends – it’s also a great way to see if your server is online/how many people are on when you’re not able to play rust

And it’s just been improving over time, I use this over the in-game browser (which I’ve never really used)

Thanks for your hardwork. I’ll keep bidding on sponser listing to help fund the site!

Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile: It’s always refreshing to see others happy with the work you do. We won’t let you guys down regarding the voter fraud. It’s gong to get fixed! :smiley:

Nice job there, I would like to ask for a source/info/links on the status of server like the amount of players and so on…

Thank you! And Definitely coming! :slight_smile:

Why does my server not display in the search?

When was your server put up and what’s your IP/port?

based god for life. i lost betting i demand a re-bet session.

about a week ago,

soon, b00m. soon :stuck_out_tongue:

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http://toprustservers.com/server/7049 this you? :slight_smile:

nobody actually cares

the server is unclaimed, which means you can take it over and change the name. it matches your ip and port.

The new ranking / voting is live. This should prevent all the abuse that was happening before. We’ve put a lot of thought into the direction of the project and only exciting things are coming from here on out. Take care and check out the site when you get a chance!

Smart move with the steam login

Thanks! :slight_smile:

im trying to post a server.

how do i post one?

Just lookup your server name with the search bar and claim it, it automatically gets online servers

i should hire you :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for helping out!

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should also note: most of the time the servers we pick up have a different name used (cause they were used by someone else before), so you may just want to search by IP and match the port :slight_smile: you can use the search box at the top and just put in the ip.

In case you missed it: we have a more secure way of voting - Steam Integration. We verify the person who is voting has Rust in their account. And if privacy is an issue, you only need to set it to public once and we’ll whitelist you from here on, once we’ve verified you have Rust. So far so good!