Our Roofs Need Protection!!

At the moment the most common way to get into someones base is to blow through the roof, by either entering an open roof or by placing an Explosive Charge onto the wall below the roof. Now most people have learned to never leave their roofs open, but if your base is under construction someone is bound to jump in. So that leaves us with the other problem the one I don’t they people should be able to do. Placing a Charge Below our feet somehow and blowing a wall out.

There is a way to counter this, and that is making your entire top floor a bait room with spikes along the walls to prevent people from jumping down. Although creative it is just a means to an end and not really an interesting or integrated way of defending your roof. I thought it might be time for a new item to allow us to defend our bases. Something that can be placed on a ceiling that does NOT have a wall or pillar placed. They could be at a 45 degree angle, could be placed inward or outward, though they don’t have to do damage, and they could prevent a staircase from directly going up to the roof. Because of the angle a player could not place a Charge below them to get into your top floor.

Example of placing charge while on roof.

The materiel could either be wood or metal. If they were would they would either be a simple 45 degree rail, or spikes that the same height as the small spike walls but hang a bit over the edge. Though if they were metal they could be similar to the 45 degree rail, almost like a safety rail. The other thing they could be if their are metal would be razor wire, though that might be going a bit far but would be amazing.

By rails I mean similar to this photo only at a 45 degree angle over the edge.

Though if it was razor wire it would be like the barbed wire part of the top of this fence.

Anyone else think this would help protect your base from being raided from the roof?

or just implement stair shafts that you can lock, like a door in a staircase.

That would be pretty cool to open up to your roof, but that doesn’t solve the problem of people looking for the edge of your roof and placing an Explosive charge to get into your top floor.

make Foundations around your house so and pillars so they cant make a staircase then? :slight_smile:

problem is if this was removed, then they have to remove the cost of raiding items becuse right now its so easy to obtain items to become raid safe.

one player can farm enuff to fend of 2-3 players farming 24/7 for crafting c4s.

if they play just as active, just saying.

imo i rather say problem right now we dont have diffrent houses that need diffrent Tools to break into.

Lets say we have 5 diffrent archetypes of structures one is prolly the best but most expensive but the other has strnehgts versus others example Wood is cheap wich makes it easier to build taller/larger.

archetypes are as following:

Wood,Stone,Metal,Green Iron,titanite.

Lets say wodden house strong melee weapons work, lets say twohanded axe gets implemented(yes it can tear down walls aswell but many hits maybe like 400-500 but slow.

Wood weak against Everything and easy to raid but cheap to build with also core element to most chest furnatures.

Stone resistant to all physical damage, but extremly weak to explosives 1 c4 blows the wall.

metal as it is now 2-3 c4 for a wall.

Green iron more resistant to High impact cutters, such as Diamond cutter or welder.

C4 works but is way more expensive(crafting Diamond cutter should be very expensive and really rare lets say, only airdrop like explosives.

Welding takes long time also.

To weld it requiers you to Craft it after finding the Blueprint from airdrop.

Wich will be expensive, to use it you need low grade fuel, it takes long time to weld a door and a especially green iron wall.

around 250 low grade for a door and 500 for a wall.

You could c4 but around 5 for the green iron door and 6-8 for wall(atleast so you can do it but makes it less cost effective than with the welder)

Titanite here comes the intressting part, to be able to Craft it you need to create a new specific furnace to Craft it and u need green iron, a tier system you know, and u need an anvil/tier 3 Workbench.

also you need to find some rare minerals on the map wich should be worse than trying to find an ore vein on 150 player server :smiley:

anyway reason why it should be so expenisve is becuse it will be harder to get thru this, becuse you need a freezing tool, and use it on wall/door then the welder or some other new tier explosives that are more expensive/rare than c4.

to get thru it.

Man this post became a suggestion answer almost what to implement lol :smiley:

anyway im just saying that tier system might come it might not, but i would not be suprised they have somthing along this path in their mind, they dont want the only raid tool to be c4, they dont want to have one weapon to be the most effective in most scenarios.

there will come balances and Tools to fix things trust me, how it will get ironed out none of us knows.

but have faith, things that are unfair, lets say there is somthing that is really mathmaticly unfair.

then it will be sorted not yet thou, Tools will get implemented some will be slightly of the mark in damage/effectiveness for a while but not to much to not make it unplayable.

after a while when they feel satisfied with content things to do and less bugs they will start concider balancing things and issues.

becuse balance takes most of the time, why? well becuse if you change one thing Another becomes stronger so once you maybe changed 2 things 2 other might become to powerful and far to few drawbacks.

balance is Always the trickiest in games, and reason also why its often not balanced is becuse alot of sorry to say stupid/bad players say stupid things and sadly there are more morons and idiots on this planets than wise ppl, the dev see;s this more and Think its a problem while its not its how bad they are wich is the issue :slight_smile:

Just have faith gl man! :slight_smile:

That doesn’t always prevent someone from getting to your roof. TBH that almost never prevents someone from getting to your roof. Plus it feels weird surrounding a base with pillars as high as the base itself just to prevent someone from sieging.

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I think you might be making the assumption that it would make it impossible to break in from the roof. That isn’t what I’m saying. What I am saying is that it should take more than 1 Explosive Charge to get into the roof. The rails could be broken after maybe 5 explosive charges if they are metal.

The fact is, any base can be raided but how many charges it takes to get in is what matters. only taking 1 charge to get into the top floor feels very odd to me. That is why I think we need roof defense. Not so much so to prevent people from coming in that way but to make it a bit harder.

thats why you dont Place the loot on the upper level but in the middle level and make oddnumber levels, 5/7/9 levels high and have it in the center.

If you make your ceiling 1 square bigger all the way around your house they cant place the c4

Right, that is the only real defense to it. But does it look cool to have an extra ceiling sticking out of your base all the way around? I just feel like there should be something in the game that does the same thing that making ceilings sticking out of your base does. It’s kind of like windows, at one point you had to put doors on your windows to prevent people from jumping in. That didn’t really feel right so they removed it and recently added window bars. Kind of like the doors on the windows placing a ceiling so that it is sticking outside the base just feels weird.