Out and Free

I am so looking forward to Arkham City


Joker and Harley walking the streets of Arkham City on a rainy night

Way overblown contrast and blur.

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Not gonna lie I actually winced a little bit.

Nice Picture but if you can made this Visible in the tread i must click on it to see

My bad, still getting to grips with SuperDoF

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Now is much better

Nice lighting although a bit too strong.




It’s pretty good except the yellow REALLY killed it. If I had to score it the yellow would’ve taken it from a 9/10 to a 6/10.

Where did you get these models? I want em to experiment with.

The release section?

Lol. Totally thought this was a real life jailbreak.

Just realised how much the title sounds like a story of someone deciding they are gay.

My bad I did have a fire/explosion off to Harley’s left, but felt it distracted from the characters themself’s. So I left it out.

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