Out for a drink.

  • crappy title :confused:

  • all In Game


Well, it’s okay. Unfortunately (almost) no faceposing. And that bald girl is ported already? Damn. I waited all the time someone released her. Is she faceposable anyway?

No…JACK is not faceposable…it’s from Mass Effect 2 player model pack.

I’m thinking of porting Jack with everything. Should I do it?

YES! OH GOD YES…yeah…sure

For sure! And it would be awesome if you have the skill to make her faceposable.
I was playing ME² yesterday… such a shame I forgot her name.^^


Silly Jack. Thats not how you hold a cup.

Hey Hey Hey! She was imprisoned for a really long time! She forgot how to hold a glass.

  • She has crappy finger posing, this is the best I could do with it.