Out In The Cold


My first winter edit if memory serves.

Nice posing.

This is like when I started doing dark pictures only its you doing Zoey pictures.

Rastifan I want to see less Zoey and more work that isn’t bullshit.


Like guns and pew pew muzzleflashes

Alright alright. Less Zoey then, but pew pew muzzle flash poses bore me.
This was the last picture of the sisters.

Very nice for your first winter edit.

are you sure they’re sisters because the blue one really looks like a hostage.

She is freezing and the other heard a sound. Got inspired by the howling wolfs on the map.

Thanks xxXAcePilotXxx and Comby.

Nice pose, camera angle could be better


Is it me or are they glowing?

They just seem a bit colorful against the map I think.
I see what you mean.


Yes a bit when I look at it.

Hot lesbian twincest in the snow.

Do they die?

But of course:smug:


Nope. Just that people are belly acing about the Zoeys. So I decided not to post so much of them. Series will continue. They just wont get posted here. It’s really a request.

I think I had enough with some goth Zoey.

Zoey Zoey everywhere