Out of all the updates...

Out of all the updates, the sky glitch wasn’t fixed.
What I mean by the sky glitch is that when you move your view around, objects clip through the sky as if the sky has no texture and needs to be filled with something.
My mind is blown from afar. :suicide:

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You know what would be great? If antialiasing 2x was added back in. That would change the world.

New sky coming within the week

the sky glitch happens when you use specific launch parameters, dont expect it to be fixed… im guessing it wont happen with the new sky tho

I just bet you are using the launch option to increase you fps to a substantial rate that enough to be playable. Why not focus on asking the devs to make the game more playable, fps wise.

i think it needs hats added in…:wink:

Yes we need a good sky! Screw the anti cheats and gameplay mechanics XD