"Out of Ammo" Coach getting overwhelmed by Zombies

Tried something different.


Hey, why not? I like it! Faceposing in the second panel feels a bit off, though. Overall good work!

  • ZOMBIESSSSSSSSss!!111111
  • Lightning
  • Posing
  • Editing
  • Map
  • Generic and kinda boring


Uh, are you sure you’re in the right thread?

Generic? Sir is mad. Fitting end for our Coach. But he will re spawn.

refering to this:

Pretty much explains it. Hes just butthurt.
Thanks for all your comments. :buddy:

I like it alot, actually.
Keep up the good work, sir.

Hahaha his face

Lighting is perfect, It really does amaze me how some people get it that great.

Thanks for the new avatar

beautiful sunset lighting, could be used for much better ends though. if you’re going to go down the zombie poses erry day route, try and make them actually interesting… as in, not one or two survivors out in the open and the horde or maybe a special infected about to fuck their shit up. just because the zombies can’t shoot back, it doesn’t mean that the survivors should run around in the open ignoring cover/concealment and not watching their arcs.

I know what you mean. Though now Ehanced released some more survivors so I can use more than 4 at once.
I really want to do something different but everytime I do it horribly fails(see Meet the Psychopaths #5 or an old picture were the Survivors were surounded)
Though yeh gotta do something witth more action.

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