Out of Map Bounds - Sandbox player finds himself stranded out of the map's administrated regions

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"All he ever wanted was to touch the Skybox, but it never came… a man reduced to two lone hoverballs in the uncharted lands of Sandbox has to wonder why power had never gone out before."

Another peak into the re-imagined GMod Sandbox universe we all know, this time focusing on a miserable ending of a player’s ambitious journey to reach the map’s skybox, which he was told was lying just beyond the horizon. With power running out for the first time, he finds himself stranded in uncharted lands, days worth of flight away from the nearest administrated build community, with not much hope for survival. Unfortunately for him, this universe has no respawns.

For the past several months I found myself obsessed with trying to reach the ultimate rendering quality in Garry’s Mod, targeting lights and textures. Last week I started coding a new tool which gives the user maximum control over a material’s qualities - everything supported by Source’s VertexLitGeneric shader, and this picture showcases what can be achieved with the tool and the current rendering method I’m using. For the first time I managed to create continuous ground without compromising consistency and quality, and not having to hide stitches behind rocks or grass.

Other Pictures:
Scenebuild without textures

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1920x1080 Lossless PNG
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what the fuck

it’s mind-blowing, to put it mildly

when are you releasing all these utilities, and where did those massive hill props come from

holy mother of dried cunts

Thanks :smiley:

The large hills are enlarged, re-textured snow hills from the Mask’s pack.

I’ll be uploading the advanced texturizer in like a day or two once I sort out a bug it has, and a very WIP version of soft lamps should follow in the next couple of days, hopefully not too long

wow :wow:

excellent news

as for the scene itself, while the contrasted lighting works very well i can’t help but feel that the sand should reflect a bit more light on everything, the dude in particular

other than that, it’s flawless as far as i’m concerned

this is surely something great

I’m curious to know what magic you did in the post-editing. O_O

I light stacked direct soft light outputs from Garry’s Mod using photoshop and edited light intensities manually, just like SonOfBrim’s method he explained here (only with my added twists), the final stack honestly looked super close to the final image. All I had to do was small touches such as fix shadow pixelation and other Source related artifacts. Then added touches to the Player, the Physgun, the Toolgun, the ‘NEED ADMIN’ sign, the hoverballs, sand flow/fog on the ground, merged it all, threw in some very mild post processing, and downscaled.

I’m hyped. I’ve been holding off on screenshots in anticipation of this, I’ve got a backlog of ideas to get through :v:

same here, so many huge scenes i’ll finally be able to execute

Me too.

In regards to the pic, it’s like the more you look, the more detail you spot, a really interesting way or arranging the scene. I’m curious where all these wires are from though, such as the one going to the tool gun?

Amazing construction on the red van as well. For the dude in the middle though, I’d say he could use some small rim lighting from the sky.

Thanks! I agree about the sky rim lighting on the player, could have added some more highlights. The wires were an interesting bit. I really wanted to hook up that car battery to the toolgun to portray the player’s desperate attempt at giving it more juice and flying away from there. I just couldn’t find the right model for the cables, as I wanted them to take the shape of the sand they were resting on. So I ended up taking the default HL2 ragdolized cables, resized them, stretched them, and carefully posed them using the ragdoll mover. The battery alligators were also a bitch given there wasn’t an existing model for those, so I made them from shrunken, stretched out railing props, and used barrel props for the rubber coverings. I don’t think I’ve ever posed something so small as these damn clippers.

I keep spotting more stuff. The 8k version is really worth looking at.

This reminds you how much of a great game Garry’s Mod can be. Incredible work, I genuinely love this and I feel inspired to start up Garry’s Mod and build typical Garry’s Mod styled contraptions.

One of the greatest shots I’ve seen in a while in this section, things like this are a rarity.

Will hope to see in the upcoming menu competition.

I love seeing a story set in the “garry’s mod universe”, that floating “need admin” sign is a nice touch!

Hot damn.

Glad to hear, I have a bunch of ideas I want to try out