out of range

ok I know that when your compiler tells you this it means you have too many verts, but what I want to know is how people manage to get around that. I decompiled a ragdoll that worked just fine in gmod, and without even changing a thing when I tried to recompile it, it told me that it was out of range, if that’s true then how did it work in the first place?

simply put, somehow someone managed to get a ragdoll to compile with WAY more verts then what is the “limit” and I’d really like to know how?

I think they used the SFM compiler.

you wouldn’t happen to know what the exact limits are for crowbar would you? at the moment im un-subdividing the verts to optimize this thing, thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

like everyone keeps saying it’s about 10,000, which I just got under and it’s still too high, It also seems to vary from model to model.

Crowbar is just the GUI, the actual compiler is the studiomdl.exe that comes with all Source games.

Like I said, try using the one from SFM, it has a much higher limit.

Back in the GoldSRC days, people used to circumvent the vertex limit by separating the model up into different SMD’s and combining them like a bodygroup in the QC. No idea how viable it is for Source, though.

Pretty sure you can do that too, in fact that’s the problem this guy is having.

You can try using my modifed version of studiomdl if that helps I’m not sure

sure, you got a source?

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ok so is that with the source film maker then? the valve developer community link says it’s huge!

thanks man, I’ll give this compiler a shot, looks promising.

so I downloaded both of the packs and for the first one when I run the .exe the command line comes up and then nothing happens, the second pack the readme says to drop it in CSgo bin but I don’t have global offense so… where can I put it?. It won’t run on it’s own I already tried it just gives an error saying it can’t locate something called “Inchannel”

I just popped it into my sdk orangebox bin folder, I don’t think the location matters that much, as long as it is in a bin folder.

which version, (the depend_pack, or the small one) did you put in, For me I keep putting the small one, which is just the .exe and a .dll into every bin folder I got and it just keeps having missing file errors
It’ keeps saying “The procedure entry point LoggingSystem_ischannelEnabled could not be located in the dynamic link library tier0.dll.”

I put both in there, first the big pack and then the small pack though the .exe files are both the same.

well I got rid of the error messages by putting them both in the bin location C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\user name\sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin, but when I run either of them it’s still doing that thing where it brings up the command line then it vanishes and nothing happens.
actually I just managed to get the thing to stay on screen by typing a random letter quickly, from what I can read it’s saying that there was an error. It’s calling it a “bad option”

Well I use Crowbar linked to the .exe that came with these, it might not work 100% perfect but at least it works, I only use it to either rescale models or change their orientation when spawning them so I don’t know much about command line ways.

crowbar unfortunately has the same amount of vertex limits, the model I took apart apparently had way more verts then what studiomdl, or crowbar allows, they probably used this studiomdl2013 which is why I need to use it if I want to be able to put it back together. unless there’s a way to manually override the out of range issue.