Out of the box S&box experience

Hey, so, I was wondering, what will be the default S&box experience ? There’s a Sandbox mode right now in the early builds, but it uses Rust assets and seems really limited right now. I know it’s really early in development but it seems like the developer experience is more centered around gamemodes than addons this time around, the main idea being that if people want to do something with different weapons or port things from somewhere else, they can make a gamemode for it. Has it been stated anywhere if messing with the engine and addons like models or entities will still be a thing in S&box ?

More importantly, do you think that it SHOULD be a thing ? Are gamemodes inherently better than addons because of their depth and will the community benefit from focusing on the small scale games development that they allow ?

Just to fill you in on it a bit, the main reason that only maps and addons are being worked on at the moment has to do with the fact that the Steam Workshop isn’t open yet. There will be a Steam Workshop for the game in the future, so until then there won’t really be any singleplayer addons that add new features or weapons.

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I didn’t know that ! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I honestly thought the new dev website would be the main way to get addons and maps. Having the 16Gb upload size and everything else just seem like it would be everything you need to distribute S&box content.

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Hey who knows, they might even add in an addon system to the site that just lets you browse it from within the game. Important thing is that one way or another there’ll be addons that aren’t just maps and modes

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