Out of the fire, into the Badlands. Or some other artistic name.


Enhanced_AI: What should I call this http://filesmelt.com/dl/outofthefireintopan.jpg
Fire T - Living The Dream: "Heavy stubs his toe on a plank during the final push"
Fire T - Living The Dream: :V
Enhanced_AI: :V


looks good though

sweet. keep it going man.

That’s freakin awesome, too bad the quality isn’t that good. (jpeg_quality?)

I had it set at 100

I think.


It’s probably just the fire in the back there.

Good, very good.

Heavy is made because his sandvich is now toasted from the fire.

That fireball or whatever it is ruined it for me.


oh wait that’s not a fireball it’s a flame spark

Looks like a fireball forming in the soldier’s hand

Hadoken? :v

Heavys leg posing ruined it for me.

Thats some sexy leg posing on the heavy.