Outbreak Models/Gamemode Pack : Official Thread !

Hi there everyone im here on behalf of one of my fellow admin ultraguy to show everyone about his outbreak gamemode/models, heres the models here and download link, enjoy !

Advertising Poster :

Combine Soldiers :

MetroCops :

Zombies :

Crawlers :

Vehicles/Machines :

Weapons :

This is not all of the pack this is just a small selection …
Add me on steam if you’d like to talk about it …
Steam: Conn08

Join the official forums for this mod at…

Thanks if you join !

Download Link …

Thanks And Enjoy!

Cheap rip off of SMOD: Outbreak?

Is it … its not my models but … so dont start giving me abuse !

What does this have to do with gmod?

Shouldn’t this be on ModDB or this subforum

You do know that all this content is not his, there custom skins that were used in his mod that others made.

As I said before, this stuff was taken without credit given.

Those crawlers look fucked up.

As a leading developer of SMOD: Outbreak i can confirm that your modification Ultramod: Outbreak uses much of our content from an older version of our modification. We ask that you cease public development and advertising of this modification as this mod was made without our prior permission or credit given to the proper developers and authors.

as member of the dev team of smod: outbreak , i suggest you to give the “right” credits of the contents u’ve “created” …

just for a bit of self-dignity

Oh the irony. Or is it hypocrisy. Dammit bad vocabulary.

I wish the report botton would have more options. It’s not spam, its not warez and its not a flam.

It’s stolen work. :confused:

Fuck… I was expecting Resident Evil Outbreak models…

Although i wouldn’t have minded the models, materials, etc. They did not give a single credit to anyone on the Smod: Outbreak mod(EPIC MOD) and it was released without their consent and therefor should be deleted. It has already though. XD Plus i saw that there was too many major bugs.

full version of Ultramod: outbreak


put in your souce mods folder

requires half-life 2 and steam


wrong name

missing level names

missing models

broken levels

None of those models are made by you

Too bad pretty much all models in SMOD: Outbreak were taken from other places too and not made by your “team” (at least they were last time I checked).

At least onemanshow is giving credit to the authors of their content, these guys aren’t

That ain’t enough. Stealing is stealing regardless of namedrops. Onemanshow is a worthless hack who has built his community on a mound of stolen work and encouraged others to follow his example. He is worse then this guy and i would rather support this then Onemanshow. He’s a fat, bearded, pacifier-sucking manchild who has ran every contributor to SMOD out, Including it’s own author. He can’t make anything good to save his life.

The only way to save SMOD is to forcibly remove Onemanshow out of it.

For all who dont know,the lead creator of smod outbreak is veteren_gamer.Onemanshow and jen4 ARE part of the team.The above post is lies,trolling and flaming.

You know, sometimes you really need to stop bashing Onemanshow.

Fucking finally!!!