[OutCaste] Rust Server - Mods - Roleplay - Shops - Battle - Fun Server Come Join!

Welcome to OutCaste’s Server Thread!

Here on OutCaste we are striving to bring together a server that will be new to the community, a roleplay server!
Also, the admin team on this server is a professional3 group of people, and we will never forget that we are players as well.

- Server Features -
*Shop Area - Player bought shops [ Materials, Guns, Food, Armour ]
*Groups - Create a group and strive together [ Create a town, Group Chat, Fight Other Groups ]
*Quests - Attempt to complete quest provided to you by the server!
*Starter Kits
*1/2 Craft Time
*Air Drops
*Custom Drop Tables

- Stretch Goals -
*Rewards for Building a Large Group/Town
*Rewards for loyalty to the server
*More Features

Does this server sound like fun to you? Well then come join us, the IP is below!
To connect, Press F1 to open the console.
Copy/Paste: net.connect

Great Server, already having fun here!