Outer Wall

used in-game post processing, otherwise not edited.

the map is a night variant of freespace.


Holy shit. Loving the atmosphere of it. Have a winner.

This is just fucking incredible.

thanks. :smile:

the color palette is all over the place but otherwise i like it

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it’s very 1986 and that’s a good thing

oh man. Where did these props come from? this is amazing!

Reminds me of those Ziniac towers from Saints Row the Fourth, excellent job ^^

didn’t notice anything terribly wrong with the colors at first, but i think i see what you mean. ty.

the props are from various model packs. i can’t remember the exact names of them but the scene has props from mass effect, fallout, skyrim, l4d and hl2. probably others as well.

thanks :slight_smile:

Love this! Somehow reminds me of the old HL2 concept art…

understandable, since it was a hl2 themed scenebuild at the start.

Looks like the bloom sorta of makes it a bit blurrier than it should be, other than that good job.

I love it, stunning work!

Agreed with Joazzz, the color palette needs to be more consistent and normalized, but as it stands you can easily do that right now over the top of the current image with some touching up. Otherwise, it’s fucking astounding.

ty, i made it a bit blurry intentionally

thank you :smiley:

thanks. i could also load the save and change the lighting but i cba to do that lol.

Only complaint is your light gradient is really severely stepped.

While that looks cool in a retro

kinda way, it would prolly look better with a smoother gradient.

actually thought d colors were intended

you know i wouldn’t mind a DX game with this kind of visual design (with less blur and a bit more blue)

right now it looks like it could fit in a FC: Blood Dragon sequel

probably caused by the fog (?). at least it isn’t too noticable.

great atmosphere, just a little blurry in the filtering

Same thing about the color scheme, and I honestly don’t really get it, and it’s hard to see everything. But other than that it looks good.