Outfitter: Multiplayer Workshop Playermodels


Coming straight from the Meta Construct Labs

Now you can pick your own playermodel also in multiplayer :drool:.

Workshop Link

You can also test it on the servers of Meta Construct.

How to use?
Open context menu and click the icon.

That’s about it…

Plannned Extra Features

● Bodygroups support! (30% done)
● Automatic wearing of outfit on join (0% done)
● Hooks for servers to control various aspects of the addon (0% done)
● Player Appearance Customizer 3 (PAC3) linking to autowear outfit with PAC! (0% done)
● Blacklisting workshop addons based on title text (0% done)
● Ignoring players (0% done, you can ignore non-steamfriends)
● An external addon to make outfits lag-free in a VAC-safe way! (0% done)
● Further protections to make things less crashy and less exploitable (0% done)

Plannned Bugfixes

● Make blacklist less aggressive (20% done)
● Disable debug printing (90% done)
● Make certain outfits not lag when player dies (0% done)
● Improve finding hands model for a model (0% done)



This is a testing version of outfitter! Things are broken and we probably know about it already. No support is provided directly.

DRM / Obfuscation

Our code may look ugly, but it is not obfuscated. We hate DRM as much as you do.


Licensed (for now) under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License
Feel free to use and modify for own use as long as you do not directly profit from it <3

Could you please put this on github?

Working on it, let me get busyweek over first. It has tons of dependencies and no way to handle them nicely with rest of metastruct right now, so need to think about it really well first so we don’t end up in something like github version and metastruct version existing.

Did you really just put it on ScriptFodder? .-.

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Are they both going to be the same version? Like, is the ScriptFodder one just to support you?

What’s wrong with him putting it on Scriptfodder? Python has contributed an insane amount to this community for free, if he wants to offer one addon for sale what’s the big deal?

I’m not denying what he’s done for the community, it just went through my head that he was going to remove it from Workshop/FP and keep it up on SF, since it’s happened before.

I don’t see the problem with doing that either?

See the license. Even if I took it off from workshop you could still use the old version. Also the plan is the other way around, to make the addon even less restricted in license with time. My wildest dream was to sell autowear-functionality as premium feature, but that’s about it.

The scriptfodder is for server hosters who directly want to profit from outfitter by offering it as premium feature on their servers. Now the for-profit servers can contribute to the developing of the addon and have at least a tiny incentive to do so.

I will try to put the addon and the dependencies on scriptfodder this weekend. Or maybe I will just put outfitter there and figure out dependencies later. I don’t want to rush it because after other addons start using the dependencies things get much harder to change.

EDIT: Let’s let actions speak for themselves http://github.com/metastruct/ (See how much stuff we release, this isn’t even one third of what we could release but if we did someone would have to take care of the maintenance and no one does that for fun/free and then addons rot in either case and that is bad publicity). Outfitter is hopefully big enough to self-sustain itself.

Your license is incompatible with the workshop license.
See http://store.steampowered.com/subscriber_agreement/ 6A and 6B.

You want to try to deny derivates by your license, but you can’t deny this when you put it on workshop as then the license of the subscriber agreement is in place.

You have misread the agreement, the license in 6A is solely granted to Valve, it has nothing to do with the workshop subscriber.

Yes I am sorry for my statment, I had it wrong in memory and didn’t take time for re reading it carefully.

Actually the only thing he can’t forbid is servers using his addon when he uploaded it.

We wouldn’t have uploaded it, if we didn’t want people to use it. Thanks though!

Asewome addon, 10/10

Please add ULX groups support

Finally it’s out!

I always use this addon when I’m on Metastruct. Metastruct is easily my favorite server, because of this addon. And the people there are pretty cool too.


There is now bodygroups support, but you need to use the console to use it for now. Testing it first on meta before pushing to workshop (you can find it from the github repository).
The github repo now has all dependencies too. Just run “npm install”.


outfitter_bodygroups_set listedbodygroupA=2,Qwerty=1

Upcoming next: autowear, which should have been there from the beginning.