Outland Absconders: Epilogue [1/2]


Didn’t like the cops muzzle flash.

You did great with the filters, and the voice acting was top-notch. The faceposing was quite good as well.

I would definitely work on the writing, however, there were a few lines that sounded unrealistic and a small bit cheesy. And the combine shooting the radio shot looked bad.

good job though



Which ones? :v:

“Hell if I know, don’t expect a good outcome” and the other guy goes “Conversation’s getting stale. I suggest shutting up until we find out more.”

“My aching sides would rather say around ten.”

“Well, such survival skills make us fit for stalkerization, sucks for us”

“I’ve tried several times, but every time you get out of the city, it always turns out like a goddamn cat and mouse game. Except this time, there’s a lot of them”

to name most of em. It’s not that they’re incorrect grammar-wise, they just sound kind of awkward.

That was very boring

I don’t know how if you get bored of 5 minutes, you’re making a “25” minute video called “[del]A Waste in Time[/del]” I mean " A Day in Time."


***Fumples looks at the shovel. For a moment, he can almost see someone he remembers being important. It then fades back to a shovel. He subsequently shoots himself. The End.

It was still fucking boring. You can attempt to anger me all you want, your video was still fucking boring.

** takes a camera, shakes it calls it a movie

Sometimes, life can present to us many difficult choices:
What would you rather do?

A) Watch a physically disabled person attempt a bowel movement
B) Watch Max’s “Outland Absconders”.

please note that both answers are correct, however you are required to choose the most correct answer.

hai guise i jus got my dads camara wanna make a moviee?





I choose A but i don’t want to watch “A Waste In Time”

Wow, you really just want any chance to mock us, don’t you? Wow you’re desperate.

I thought it was good, edited wonderfully, though some of Male_09’s lines didn’t sound too good. (I haven’t seen the previous installments so I don’t know his name)

It is now a full family re-union!
Ok everyone gather around for a group photo, we got to take falco1 and vezions photos separately.

Actually, falco1 is butt hurt with max.
so mocking at every chance i get? i predict falco1 is complaining to you and fumples about me/max, plotting who is going to post and how.
my prediction of the thread, falco1 replies, then… oh god kurit gets involved.

Now you guys can act your size (obsessively large), shut up, or C&C the video if you don’t like it, if you want to get butt hurt with me/max take it up with a PM

here is max’s first installment.

He didn’t tell me about it at all, I just found the thread here and read it. I also did give C&C, unlike Faolco, and I said it was you getting a chance to mock us because it seemed very unnecesary.


Chill the fuck out

I’ve seen the previous installments, I didn’t think they were that boring, until this one

you found the preparation H cream! please share it with faolco1.


the other ones are boring. How can you say this one is boring and the others or not… unless… STICK!

Where’s Kurit to tell everyone stop motion is better than everything?