Outland Absconders: Epilogue (Part 2/3)


[ul][li]Machinima.com version (wrong audio and wrong brightness – not my fault) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WDCyaMrLgk
[li]Online cut (different song near the end for copyright reasons, this is the cut that should’ve been on Machinima.com) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2i_C2TpvEOo
[li]Director’s cut (recommended, everything is as intended) : http://maxofs2d.nhost.org/video/outland_absconders_epilogue_part_two.zip


[img_thumb]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3797350/img/oa5p2_youtubebrightness.png[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3797350/img/oa5p2_normalbrightness.png[/img_thumb]

Pretty good job Max, I will agree Youtub defiently messed the brightness up. I will say the lighting was good for the most part (going to download the video tonight and see how it is). I found that your writing was a little lacking, nothing to bad but could use some work. Lots of really good angles, and your voice actors were pretty convincing. Nice job

that. was. sex.

seriously that was great. the voices were perfect too.
cant wait for part 3 :cheers:

I think machinima.com fucked it up by re-rendering it,

That was delicious.

Absolutely gorgeous visuals, Max. You do very well with them. The writing was pretty good as well, maybe a bit dry at some points. The only thing I had trouble with was the cinematography. It really shone at some parts, but at others it was really uninspired and lacked much-needed focus. For example, the second shot that’s outside during the fight scene was just one big shot zooming out, and really wasn’t paying attention to the fight in any way, shape or form. Could have used MANY more camera angles.

But, the visuals made up for it, they were totally gorg. Lol.


Was pretty damn good, only thing that bothered me was the voice of the bald guy.

This, it just didnt fit.

Otherwise it was quite amazing, correct me if im wrong but did you use euphoria in a scene in this? If not, regardless it looked pretty cool.

The beggining was not very immersive though, the animations were great, but the npcs fighting and the camera angles that went along just didnt go together, I really liked it though.


really? i liked his voice.

i guess it was kinda out of place, but it wasnt annoying. i think it would sound better in a comedy. but it still fit the character

Endorphin, not Euphoria :v:

(made by the same company though)

Aha woops, I always get those two mixed up. Thanks for correcting me.

Yeah, I could tell by the way he scrunched up when he jumped. As for the video, it was fantastic. Your videos seem to belong in a theater, they are cinimatic that way.

Had the filters not been present you would have thought otherwise.

That’s the point of using them :wink:

Nice job Max. Also, is there any tutorial how to convert Endorphin to Source?

Yes but it’s buried in my head right now

Thats what happened to the lightening on my alyx vs l4d 2 video.


I was disappointed, though. I watched the whole video and didnt see one orc or draenei, no eleks or nothin, wtf?

Simply beautiful. Yet another perfect machinima from Max.

No one can top max’s video’s honestly. he knows his video stuff. brilliant animations. very surreal.

for now